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Rainbows in the Sea:
a guide to earth's coral reefs

"Rainbows in the Sea" is a journey of discovery across our planet's magnificent coral reefs, from the Caribbean to the far reaches of the Indo-Pacific. It showcases the wide variety of colorful fishes and invertebrates that survive in these complex ecosystems.

First, we learn how coral reefs form, what conditions they need to grow and stay healthy, and why corals host algae. Why do reefs differ between the Indo-Pacific and tropical Atlantic?

We then glide through a soft coral "garden" and meet other creatures, many of which are closely related to corals, that attach to coral reefs. We watch Indo-Pacific sea anemones play host to the brilliant anemonefishes. We learn how sponges feed, and how marine worms filter their food.

Next, we follow the more mobile reef invertebrates as they make their living. Snails that crawl, worms that creep, sea stars that use hydraulics to move about, sea urchins that wave their sharp spines, those sanitary engineers of the reef: the lobsters, crabs and shrimps, and the octopus, are all revealed as we glide over the corals. We even spy on a reef "cleaning station" where tiny shrimp remove body parasites from large fish!

The fish themselves may be the most fascinating residents of coral reefs. Why do some school, while others are loners? What do different species eat? How do body camouflage and other clever devices keep some fish from BECOMING a meal? How do the services of cleaner fish benefit the reef community? We'll get close to sharks, barracudas and sea snakes, as well as stingrays digging in the sand in search of a meal.

Finally, we learn what’s happening to earth’s coral reefs, mostly at the hands of humans. Most important, we'll explore a variety of interesting projects, going on now, designed to help reefs survive.

The DVD version of "Rainbows" allows the 28 minute movie to be played all at once or as five separate segments ranging in length from 3 minutes to almost 8 minutes. It also provides more detailed maps of the earth's coral reefs than are shown in the movie.

Both VHS and DVD versions include: A Review of Coral Reef Animals by Taxonomic Groups". This beautifully illustrated taxonomic review of the tropical marine animals associated with coral reefs includes summaries of the physical traits shared by individuals in each taxonomic group.

"Rainbows in the Sea" comes with a Teacher's Guide for use with the video presentation. The Teacher's Guide includes the narrative script for the video, a list of vocabulary words, a set of 24 quiz questions and 14 suggestions for independent study.

"Rainbows in the Sea" was produced in conjunction with the Coral Reef Alliance.

American Library Association:
"2006 Notable Children's Video"
“Ages 11 and up.  Spectacular underwater photography along with clear narration take young people on a journey through the Earth’s coral reefs and stress the importance of conservation.  Teachers’ guides and additional information on coral reef animals and the Coral Reef Alliance are included.”

Video Librarian:"…combining clear narration, vivid footage, animation, diagrams and maps… this excellent program is highly recommended." “3 1/2 Stars”

Released in 2005
DVD or VHS Tape
28 minutes
Elementary to Grade 12



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