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World Between The Tides:
A guide to pacific rocky shores

National Communicator Award of Distinction 1999.

Video Librarian: "photographed in vivid, exquisite color, bolstered by easy to read graphics and accompanied by an upbeat commentary...lively and appealing, warmly recommended."

NW Aquatic & Marine Educators: "...an excellent introduction to the intertidal zone...concise, easy to follow explanations for concepts like "keystone species" and the symmetry common to echinoderms."

The World Between the Tides: Low tide along the Pacific coast's rocky shores uncovers a kaleidoscope of marine creatures glowing like scattered jewels in shallow pools. This narrated journey along the rich intertidal area of Pacific coast rocky shores examines the harsh conditions in "THE WORLD BETWEEN THE TIDES", taking a close look at animals and plants exquisitely adapted to live in one of Nature’s toughest neighborhoods. Comes with a Teacher’s Guide.

We begin with an overview of the northwest’s rocky shores, discovering how they were built and what they’re made of. We learn what causes the tides that pull the waters back to reveal marine animals and plants, leaving them high and dry for long periods. The conditions that make our rocky shores so rich with life are examined. The four basic levels of the "intertidal condominium" are described, noting what types of creatures are able to live comfortably in each horizontal zone.

Then we get to know the various animals groups seen on Pacific rocky shores, including sponges, sea anemones, tube worms, true crabs, hermit crabs, burrowing shrimp, nudibranchs, shelled snails, sea stars, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and tiny fish surviving in tide pools.

This production was filmed mostly along the Pacific coast from British Columbia to California, on rocky shores laid bare by low tide.

DVD bonus: "A Review of Pacific Coastal Marine Animals by Biological Groups". This beautifully illustrated taxonomic review of Pacific coast marine animals, includes summaries of the physical traits shared by individuals in each taxonomic group.

Released in 1999 on VHS tape
Re-released in 2004 on DVD

To receive a free softcopy of the Teachers' Guide for World Between the Tides for use with the video, please email: orders@earthwisevideos.com with a subject of WBTT Teachers' Guide. The Teachers' Guide is available in four formats: Word document, PDF, rich text file and plain text file. Please specify which file format you wish to receive - if no format is specified the PDF version of the Guide will be sent. (Please note that the DVD cover erroneously states that the Guide is located on the DVD disc).

DVD only
23 minutes
Elementary to Grade 12
DVD - $29.98



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World Between the Tides

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