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Project assessment:

Earthwise Media helps our clients chose the media tool(s) that will best meet their objectives based on the resources they can commit to the project.


Project Design

Earthwise Media helps our clients develop solid project outlines for developing the desired media product(s). Project design addresses project goals, desired content, target audience, desired format and preferred media, timelines, work assignments and budget. Project success requires the client to be fully involved in project design.


A tight, well-written script is a key element. The script provides guidance for the acquisition and use of the various elements in most video and multimedia audio and visual components. Earthwise Media will either develop a draft script for the client’s review, suggestions and approval, or provide review and comments on scripts prepared by the client.



Earthwise Media will arrange all aspects of capturing narration, which can be furnished by one of the client’s employees if desired.



Earthwise Media provides a wide range of imaging options:
» Capture of new videography, either surface or underwater
» Royalty-free access to earthwise media’s image libraries
» Use of existing client imagery

Music and Sound Effects

Earthwise Media provides a wide range of music and sound effect options:
» Use of existing tracts that our client has the copyright for or a license to use
» Royalty-free access to the Earthwise Media music and sound effects libraries
» Creation and recording of project specific sound effects
» Arrangement for one of our contacts to write and/or perform specific musical tracts


Post-production and Editing

Once the various project assets have been acquired, the work of pulling the assets into a coherent presentation begins. This is the post-production and editing process, which can make up the bulk of the efforts on a multi-media project.

DVD Authoring

DVD video technology has become widely accepted and affordable. DVD authoring combines audio and visual assets into user interactive presentations that may be played on television set top DVD players or on computers. Earthwise Media provides full DVD authoring services including custom menu and button development.


Computer Aided Learning Tools

Computer aided learning tools can be very effective for achieving specific teaching goals. Such tools are: interactive, informal, and self paced. They work best when they are used to stimulate curiosity and interest in the topic by incorporating the content in learning games. Earthwise Media develops appropriate learning tools for its clients using Runtime Revolution – a rapid application development tool.



Media Production

Earthwise Media will produce project masters and limited numbers of copies of projects on mini-DV tape, CDs, and / or DVDs. Where larger numbers of copies are required, we help our clients by arranging for the appropriate duplication with our established industry contacts.

  Please email us at info@earthwisevideos.com for more information, a demo DVD and / or professional references.
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