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ALA Notable Children's Videos:

Song of the Salish Sea - 2007

Rainbows in the Sea - 2006

Life on the Edge - 2005

Educational products:

Earthwise Media has produced educational videos covering marine life around the world. These videos discuss the fish and invertebrates in each region and their habitat requirements.

Videos may be purchased from Earthwise Media or one of our distributors. To purchase a video from Earthwise Media please email orders@earthwisevideos.com with a subject of Earthwise Media Order or call Wes Nicholson at 1-360-271-1584.

Crabs and Barnacles:
an Introduction to Marine Arthropods

Closed Captioned in English and spanish

"Crabs and Barnacles", introduces the diversity of crabs and barnacles that live on our water covered planet. In doing so, it first introduces the Arthropods and outlines the common characteristics of the members of this highly successful group. Details are provided about crustaceans and where crabs and barnacles fit. Characteristics of crabs and barnacles are discussed. Crab and barnacle life cycles are examined and compared. Growth though molting is shown and discussed. Environmental and economic roles of crabs and barnacles are examined.
Comes with a Set of Teaching Resources.
DVD - $ 29.98

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Life on a Rocky Shore

"Life on a Rocky Shore", a colorful PowerPoint slide show, provides an introduction to the plants and animals of the Pacific Northwest's rich Intertidal Zone. Produced in 2000 by Nancy Sefton working as Triton Productions in cooperation with the Marine Science Society of the Pacific Northwest. A CD slide presentation - $15.00.

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Life on the Edge Cover

Life on the Edge:
a guide to Pacific Coastal Habitats
(produced in conjunction with the Seattle Aquarium)

Closed Captioned with English Subtitles

Explore key Pacific coastal habitats from Alaska to California. Meet the residents of sandy beaches, eelgrass beds, rocky shores, estuaries and kelp forests. Includes discussions of: coastal geology, tides, intertidal zonation, key elements of each habitat, and their residents. Comes with a Teacher's Guide.
DVD - $ 29.98

American Library Association
"2005 Notable Children's Video"

Detailed information.

Rainbows in the Sea Cover

Rainbows in the Sea:
a Guide to Earth's Coral Reefs

(produced in conjunction with the Coral Reef Alliance)

Closed Captioned with English Subtitles

"Rainbows in the Sea" is a journey of discovery across our planet's magnificent coral reefs, from the Caribbean to the far reaches of the Indo-Pacific. It showcases the wide variety of colorful fish and invertebrates that survive in these complex ecosystems.
DVD - $ 29.98

National Science Teachers Association

American Library Association
"2006 Notable Children's Video "

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Song of the Salish Sea

Song of the Salish Sea:
a Natural History of Northwest Waters

(produced in conjunction with People For Puget Sound)

The Salish Sea consists of Puget Sound, the Strait of Georgia and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The “Song of the Salish Sea" video examines the fragile habitats that make up this large inland sea and its watershed. Many extras.
DVD - $29.98.

American Library Association
"2007 Notable Children's Video"

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Test of Methods to Control the Invasive Tunicate: Ciona savignyi

This video documents the efforts to control Ciona Savignyi at the Sund Rock Marine Protected Area, just north of Hoodsport,
Washington. DVD only. $ 9.95

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World Between the Tides Cover

World Between The Tides

Low tide along the Pacific coast uncovers a kaleidoscope of marine creatures glowing like scattered jewels in shallow pools. This narrated journey along the rich rocky shores examines the harsh conditions in THE WORLD BETWEEN THE TIDES, taking a close look at animals and plants exquisitely adapted to live in one of Nature’s toughest neighborhoods.
DVD - $ 29.98.

Detailed information.


Earthwise Media Product Information

Most Earthwise Media products come with a Teacher's Guide or a set of Teaching Resources.

DVD and CD-ROM products have printable versions of the Teacher's Guide stored on the disk. If you are having problems printing a Teacher's Guide email a request for help to info@earthwisevideos.com with a Subject Line of: Printing Teachers Guide.

If you purchase a VHS version of an Earthwise Media product, you may request a printable copy of the Teachers Guide by emailing info@earthwisevideos.com with a Subject Line of: Request For A Teachers Guide.

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