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Test of Methods to Control the Invasive Tunicate: Ciona savignyi; Sund Rock Marine Protected Area
Hood Canal, WA; October 25, 2006

Showcased at Environmental Film Festival

" Test of Methods to Control the Invasive Tunicate: Ciona savignyi' was chosen as one of six videos to be showcased at the first-ever Georgia Basin Puget Sound Environmental Film Festival, March 27th, 2007. This festival is one of the special events being held in conjuction with the 2007 Georgia Basin Puget Sound Research Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia.

The festival is featuring three Canadian and three American films selected from over thirty submissions. The featured films cover a range of issues related to the Georgia Basin.

Gretchen Lambert, University of Washington:

I must congratulate you, Janna and everyone else connected with this venture on a very fine production. Excellent video, and the text is so informative. Excellent to have included good photos of similar-looking native species with pointers on how to tell the difference, and a section specifically on how to identify Ciona savignyi. I'm sure it has spread too far to be totally eradicated from the NW, but hopefully it is possible with sustained effort to keep it out of local areas like Sund Rock. It will be difficult though; Sund Rock is very close to the geoduck tracts at the south end of Hood Canal where Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has been monitoring the rapid spread of Ciona.


Test of Methods to Control the Invasive Tunicate: Ciona savignyi describes the efforts of volunteer divers to remove this invertebrate pest from an important marine protected area.

The Sund Rock Marine Protected Area, just north of Hoodsport, Washington, was established in 1994 to protect the site’s rare natural bedrock and boulder habitat and the associated diverse populations of fish and invertebrates. The Sund Rock MPA is managed by the Washington Dept of Fish and Wildlife.

In April of 2006, volunteer divers doing fish and invertebrate surveys for the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) found small clumps of the invasive tunicate, Ciona savignyi ( sigh-OH-nah sa-VEE-nee ), on the north wall at Sund Rock. By mid-October 2006, the Ciona had spread at an alarming rate and was present across the north wall and in the boulders at its bottom at depths ranging from 40 to 75 feet.

Ciona savignyi was likely introduced into northwest waters on shellfish stock imported from Japan. Its pressence in Washington waters is of great concern because if left uncontrolled, this aggressive invader will crowd out native bottom dwelling species.

Working in conjunction with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and Gretchen Lambert, a tunicate expert with the University of Washington, a small group of REEF and Washington Scuba Alliance volunteer divers undertook a project to preseve the uniqueness of the Sund Rock MPA and maintain its biodiversity by minimizing the presence of Ciona.

This video:

Documents the efforts to control Ciona savignyi at Sund Rock.

Provides a 1 minute video guide to help divers identify Ciona savignyi.

The DVD allows both the presentation and the identification guide to be played normally or in a looped fashion both with and without the narration.

Second Version, Released November 27, 2007
DVD only
7 minutes



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